The Covid pandemic is hitting everyone hard. Even if you are healthy as the proverbial horse, you still have to take steps to minimize your risk of getting the virus, and spreading it to others. Get the official scoop by clicking on the logos below.
Slow The Spread!

to learn more.
Everyone 12 years old and older
can get the vaccination.
And it's free!

to see the locations giving vaccinations.

Or call DHEC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Info Line at 866-365-8110.
Everyone is getting vaccinated!
to see Mr. Pasley's January 2021 statement about protocols and vaccines.
The August 2020 message from Mr. Pasley about the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  
for a Precautionary Statement from Waccamaw EOC to staff about the COVID-19 virus.
The April 2020 message from Mr. Pasley concerning COVID-19, how it affects this agency and our mission.  
Leave time has been expanded in accordance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.   
the WCM LIVE Talk Radio interview with Mr. Pasley on COVID-19.
Are you getting sick?   for the CDC Definition of Symptoms.
   for a PEBA Health Insurance Benefits for COVID-19 coverage and Weoc employees!
This includes information about free tests and vaccines.
Are you feeling distressed about the COVID virus situation? Do you have anxiety? Are you laying awake at night fretting about what the future holds for us?

These feelings are not unnatural. If it's too much for you to handle, don't go it alone. The Dept. of Health & Human Services has information that can help. There are several free & confidential resources available. Click the HHS logo on the right to see if something is right for you.