To help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Head Start and Early Head Start, managed by Waccamaw EOC in Horry, Georgetown, & Williamsburg counties will not receive children until April 1st.

Please visit here often for more agency information.

It's Flu Season!

Am I getting sick?     for the CDC Definition of Symptoms.

How can I guard against getting sick?
See what's being recommended by clicking on the CDC or SCDHEC logos below.


Our health insurance provider, PEBA, and MUSC are providing free screenings for the COVID-19 "Corona" Virus.
To get started, create an account on MUSC's system. You'll need your PEBA Membership ID number (on your card).
To take advantage of this free service, use the code COVID-19 after .

  For more information from PEBA, click on their logo on the left.

The Constitution directs that every man, woman, and child in the United States will be counted. This is done by the US Census. The Census is used by the Federal Government to assign representation to Congress, and to allocate money to communities across America. This is why it's incredibly important for everyone to participate.

Waccamaw EOC will assist in the 2020 US Census by making computers available in each of our centers for the public to fill out their Census Questionnaire. On the designated computers, look for the round, blue 2020 Census icon. It will display the 5 items on the right. Each of them links to the same page as at the centers.



Who To


The next Board Meeting for Waccamaw EOC will be Tuesday, March 31st at 7:00pm.
It will be at the Chavis Head Start center in Hemingway.
It will be held in the cafeteria. Use the south entrance nearest the large parking lot.

The public is encouraged to attend. The meeting agenda is available in PDF format.

Senior Life Expo
Vital Aging

Are you interested in furthuring your education?
Our Employment & Training Programs may be the ticket for you.

for more information.

Want to see some magic?
How about turning $1 into $7?
Community Action Agencies do that and much more.

For even more information contact the CSBG office in your county.

Did you know you're going to need a new ID? According to the federal REAL ID Act of 2005, you'll need a super-duper, turbo charged ID if you plan to fly somewhere on a commercial flight, enter a secured federal building, or visit a military installation. Unless you carry your passport around with you. New ID's may be your SC Driver's License, like the one on the right. The little gold star in the corner means it's a REAL ID. The law goes into effect on October 1st, 2020. That's sooner than you think! Click the SCDMV logo on the left to learn more about how you can get your ID updated.

According to regulations, we're required to make our Audits & Annual Reports available for viewing.