Webmail First Use Settings
The directions below will help you set up webmail for the first time you use it.
The little pictures on the right are hard to see. If you click on the little picture, you'll get a larger picture that's easier to see.
Remember to click the back button to return to this page.
After clicking on the picture of the beach on the agency home page, go into Webmail.
Type in your email address and password.   Click on Log in.
If you don't remember your email address or password, call Tom at the main office in Conway.
The first time you log in, you'll see the Webmail Preferences screen.  Here you can do things like pick your preferred client and change your password.   The first thing to do when you start webmail for the first time is to change your password.  In the middle of the screen, click on Password & Security.
On this screen, type in your New Password.  Then type it again.   That's to make sure you got it right the first time.  A password needs to be complex.  You need to use a combination of letters and numbers.  You also need to chose a password that you will remember.  The Password Strength bar will tell you how strong your password is.  It must be at least 60/100.  The Password Strength bar will be green when it's strong enough.  Click Save to continue.
The next screen will tell you that you successfully changed your password.   Click the word Webmail in the upper left corner to continue.
You should be back at the Webmail Preferences screen.  Next you have a choice of which webmail program to use.  The default is Roundcube.  I find Roundcube a little confusing.  Trust me on this one.  Click on so it replaces Roundcube on the screen.  It's more like you expect if you ever used Gmail or Yahoo.  Now put a check mark next to "Open my inbox when I log in".  Click Open.
Now you're in the Inbox.  There are a couple settings you should make.  First, sort your messages so the most recent will be at the top of the list.   Do that by clicking one time on the word Date.  It's towards the top right of the screen.  A little black arrow should be pointing up.  If it's pointing down, click Date again.
Next, point at the Settings Gear.  You'll get a drop down menu.
Point at Preferences.  Carefully slide to the right, then down to Mail and click on it.
Click on "Deleting and Moving Messages".
Put a check mark next to "Move deleted messages to your Trash mailbox...".  Click Save to save it.
Click Mail to return to the Inbox.

You're all set up now and ready to use your agency email account.