Remote Help allows the IT Department to "dial in to your computer" to see what's on the screen and control your mouse & keyboard.  We use SupRemo Remote Desktop to do that.  A yearly Solo Subscription license is on file in the Conway office.  Follow these directions to get started.  Read the 5 steps before beginning.

Important. You need to be running Internet Explorer for the directions below to work. Not Chrome, or Firefox, or Edge - but Internet Explorer. It's the big blue "E" that should be on the Desktop screen.

1. Click here to begin SupRemo.

2. At the bottom of the screen it should ask - Do you want to run or save help.exe?  Click the Run button.

3. A box will appear asking about SupRemo.  Click the Yes button.

4. The SupRemo screen will appear.  It will show Your ID and Password.  Read those to the person on the phone.