This program is designed to help the state’s low-income households pay the price of home energy and to increase energy self-sufficiency. Direct assistance applications are taken from fall through winter with heating assistance and from spring through summer for cooling assistance.

Emergency Crisis Intervention Program is available for low-income families who may find themselves in danger of having their services disconnected during the winter for heating or the summer for cooling.

The program goals are different every year based on a community assessment but recently the goals are to expand our outreach to households that have never been served by the agency. We want to offer assistance to the eligible households with the highest energy needs and lowest incomes.

We want to increase the efficiency of energy usage by utilizing energy counseling for applicants and to identify resources to broaden the reach of LIHEAP funds.

We hope to identify inefficient home’s heating and cooling systems and repair and or replace depending on our funding.

LIHEAP serves approximately 25,000 customers per year.