Making a positive difference in the lives of children, families, individuals and communities by providing innovative services and collaborating with agencies and organizations to promote economic self-sufficiency while providing a hand-up to those who need it most.


WEOC, Inc. is the source of information, innovative services and inspiration to our customers, which will lead to their empowerment and a pathway towards economic self-sufficiency.


To ensure a culture and environment that supports staff’s professional development in order to help our customers reach self-sufficiency assuring that staff, customers and partners are treated with dignity and respect.


“We seem to love the notion that we can all pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. Yet today jobs have vanished, support systems for those struggling are crumbling, and budgets for critical concerns, such as education, have been slashed. We need to focus on another enduring American ideal — strengthening the rungs on the ladder of opportunity. This is something facing not only our nation, but our own communities.

The troubling message is that aid for people in poverty or in crisis is a handout, not a hand up. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our programs, which focus on self-improvement and teaching marketable skills, enable the recipients of our service to be self-sustaining and contributors to our society. We provide life-changing assistance for families and boost our economy. People are able to remain in their homes, seek jobs and spend the money they earn, locally.”

James L. Pasley, Jr
Executive Director