Public Disclosure

Waccamaw EOC, Inc. Policy Regarding Freedom Of Information Act Requests

This policy shall be in effect from this date: July 26, 2011.
This policy supersedes all previous Waccamaw EOC, Inc. FOIA policies.

  1. If someone desires to make a FOIA request, advise him or her that the request must be in writing and a special Agency form is designed for this process. The request will be logged in noting date and time received. The request must be submitted to the Executive Director.

  2. Upon receipt of the request, the Executive Director will delegate staff to prepare the documentation and calculate a cost for the staff’s time for the preparation and .25 per copy. The Executive Director will decide at his discretion whether the request needs to be sent to the Agency attorney before delegated to staff.

  3. Allow no less than 15 days to reply, excluding holidays and weekends from the receipt date.

  4. Notify the requester in writing that the request has been received and the cost of compiling the information.

  5. Send the information to the Board Chairman for review two business days before release.

  6. Each page of the information released will be stamped and numbered and a file will be maintained in the administrative office to keep tack of the disseminated information.

  7. Routine requests may be disseminated by the Executive Director without Board approval. Other requests may be approved by the Board Chairman and the Board will be notified at the next Board meeting. Certain information may require review by an attorney. The Board Chairman and the Executive Director together will determine the information that requires review by an attorney to clarify FOIA requests that may be exempt under the Freedom of Information Act.

FOIA Request Form
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FOIA Request Form
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